Hurricane Hedgehogs


Revised 12/18/2014

 Any Hedgehogs born at Hurricane Hedgehogs will come with a 6 month good health guarantee against medical and physical defects unless illness is due to neglect or disease caused by you or any other animal in your home. I also offer a life time warranty against WHS. If the defect shows up I will replace your hedgehog (equal or lesser value)  free of charge as long as you have a necropsy completed by a licensed veterinarian that I choose stating that the cause of death was Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome. I require that you contact me as soon as you think your hedgehog is becoming ill. There are many other diseases that can mimic Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome. Once you contact me we will go over the possibilities and have your vet rule them out. If the hedgehogs quality of life has not improved then s/he may have to be put down (with both buyers and breeder consent) for the necropsy. If the approved vets necropsy comes back positive we will move forward to replace the hedgehog with a new hedgehog of equal value. Buyer must select an available hedgehog with in 90 days of the necropsy. After 90 days there will be no replacement. If I have no hedgehogs available then I will extend the 90 days until I have more available. If your hedgehog passes away from causes other than WHS, the warranty is Null and Void.  Shipping is not included in ANY refund or replacement warranty



Return Policy

  If you decide that a hedgehog is not for you, with in 15 days you will receive 50% of the amount you paid for him (not including deposit). After 15 days and up to 30 days you will get 25%. Anytime after 30 days there will be no refund but please do not hesitate to return the hedgehog to me. If the reason you are returning the hedgehog to me is because it is sick and you do not have the money to take the hedgehog to the vet then there will be NO REFUND.  There is no refund for any supplies purchased at any time.


Deposits/ Payments

We ask for a $53 deposit as a down payment when baby is 1 to 2 weeks old. The deposit will hold your baby until s/he is fully weaned. Deposits can be paid by Money order or by Paypal. The deposit is $50.00 however there is  $3 dollar charge for using PayPal.  There is absolutely no refunds on deposits of any kind. Once your baby is ready to go home, you will have Seven (7) days to arrange pick up or you will forfeit your initial deposit and your Hedgehog will be put back up for sale.  Once a deposit is placed, you may only change it to another baby that would be available at the same time frame as your original.  I don't hold deposits for future litters. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  You MUST schedule an appointment when picking up your Hedgehog.  We will work with you the best we can on times that are convenient to you.  Please understand once we set an appointment, if for some reason you are late, you may incur a late fee that will be added to your Hedgehog.  It is at our sole discretion to charge the late fee which ranges between $15 and up.  Please note this is rare, however protects us from several missed appointments etc. 

In order to make an appointment to see the babies I have available, a deposit has to be made prior. The deposit is not refundable but it will be applied to the baby you choose to add to your family. :)

Final payment of the remaining balance of your hedgehog will need to be paid in CASH at pick up. We do not accept checks or PayPal on the final payment. Please bring exact change since we do not carry cash here. Thank you     


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone if for any reason we feel one of our Hedgehogs would not be the best choice for animal companionship for them or their family.



We offer shipping via Delta or Continental airlines.  The cost for shipping is $375 which includes the following: Transportation to the airport, pet carrier, fleece and a receiving blanket to keep your baby warm, and a small bag of food.  We prefer to ship on weekends, however can make exceptions at times at our sole discretion only.  In order to be considered for shipping, the Baby Hedgehog must be at least 8 weeks of age.  Please contact me if you have any further questions.


 Hurricane Hedgehogs is not responsible for additional airline costs that may be incurred.  We will do our best to notify you if there are any delays in shipping. 


 It is highly recommended to purchase shipping insurance through the airline carrier.  Hurricane Hedgehogs is not and will not be responsible for any missing or injured hedgehogs up to and including death after it leaves our possession.




Please contact us with any further questions or concerns.




 We do NOT sell breeding stock to first time owners.
We only sell breeding stock to USDA licensed certified breeders. 
If you are a new breeder looking for breeding hedgehogs you will have to go thru an extensive interview by phone or via email.  That does not guarantee that we will sell our beloved Hedgehogs to you.

 As a breeder, you should want to better the species. All of my hedgehogs have pedigrees and make beautiful babies. You NEVER want to breed an un-pedigreed hedgehog! Just because the hedgehog in question is cute or super sweet doesn't mean he wont pass on bad genetics. Since the hedgehog gene pool is not huge there is always a chance of possible inbreeding.